5 kittens born July 2nd


Askja has 5 kittens. The father, a beautiful Somali, EC Emil av Revebo from Norway (pedigree). Askjas parents Chill & Nala are both tested for PRA and PK and they were of course negative. Askja was tested for PRA 10/2-04 and was negative also of course.

If you are interested in a kitten please contact me either via mail: or via Phone: +46 (0) 300-604 54, mobile:+46 (0) 707 26 86 43

The kittens are delivered at, at least 12 weeks old, Vaccinated, ID-chip, veterinary inspected max 7 days before delivery, and with a pedigree


The webcam is here password is "slott"

3,5 hours of video reduced to 4 minutes click the picture video

the weight of the kittens you can find here-->

pictures: 1

20040717 pictures of Azay & Tiffauges here-->>

20040717 pictures of Isoudun, Josselin & Rochebaron here-->>

20040725 pictures of them all here-->>

20040801 Pictures of them all 4 weeks old here-->>

20040804 new video of the kittens 8 min here-->>

20040807 Pictures of them all 5 weeks old here-->>

20040815 Pictures of them all 6 weeks old here-->>

20040822 Pictures of them all 7 weeks old here-->>

20040829 Pictures of them all 8 weeks old here-->>

20040912 Pictures of them all 10 weeks old here-->>

20040919 Pictures of them all 11 weeks old here-->>


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